Dchservers.com Scammed me, I ordered a server and no server?

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I had ordered a server from dchservers.com and 2 days later i still have no server and no response. Although this company reports that they have 24/7 support (which is very much false) how can they have this when i don't get any response? This miss advertisement has caused me my money and has caused me much aggravation. I do believe that this company should be sued for what they did, but for even not being registered as a business?

Support for this company is very poor, not only that but with 24/7 support how is this 24/7 support done with a cell phone? (cell phone number: 1-956-242-6780) This doesn't seem to be very fare for the customers paying for something that they think is going to be included...

The reason i had gone to this guy was because my friend had said he has a friend who sells servers with quality. Now one of my other friends had a server from this same guy with me not know so i ordered it... afterwards i found this out finding more proof on his fraudulent/no quality company.

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I paid for a ## slot vent over an hour and half ago and have yet to

receive any response from DCH. I received an email from PayPal, but nothing from this company. I have called your number numerous times but of course received no answer. Just a machine. I tried your live chat several times and

of course no operator responded. I expect to have a full refund by the

end of the week. I thought I was doing business with a company not a one man operation who sets their own hours and pretends to be a company. I

received nothing with my user name/password or an option to make my own. And your web page has several links missing. I am sending a copy of this email to PayPal so they will know just what kind of business you are. You can bet I will let

everyone out there on the forums know that they need not do business

with DCH.


Have you checked your junk mail or e-mail us asking where your server information is?

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